Last updated: June 10, 2015

SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES VECTRUM SC, and subsidiary undertakings, located at Rafael Buelna Avenue 1000, 6-7, Hacienda Las Cruces, C.P. 82126, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, in accordance with the provisions in the Mexican "Federal Act for the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Individuals” (the "Law”), and its rules of procedure, is responsible to treat as strictly confidential personal data, such as a) Name or Business Name; (b) Name of Legal Representative); (c) Official Identification; (d) Address; (e) Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC); f) Unified Code of National Register of Population (CURP); (g) Phone Numbers; (h) E-mail; and Financial data; which will be treated based on the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and accountability in terms of the “Law”, aware of this we make a permanent effort to protect this information.

Your personal information will be used to provide you with the services you have requested, to inform about changes in such services, database update and evaluate the quality of the service we provide you.

To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and to ensure that the information is used for the purposes set forth in this privacy notice, we have implemented various physical and technological procedures, as well as network equipment with the latest technology of security in order to avoid unauthorized data use or disclosure, and ensure the integrity of such information.

All personal data are treated according to the applicable and existing legislation in Mexico, therefore, we inform you that you have at any time the rights (ARCO) access, rectify, cancel or oppose to the treatment we give to your personal data, as well as revoke the consent given for the treatment thereof; right which may enforce through the Privacy Area responsible for the security of personal data on the phone (669) 986 0202, or via email at clientes@vectrum.com.

The exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, disclosure and use limitation; or the revocation of consent, may be in writing or by electronic mail at any time.

Through these channels, you can update your details and specify the medium you want to receive information, so in case of not having this specification, VECTRUM shall freely established the appropriate channel to send you information.

This privacy notice may be amended by VECTRUM, from time to time. Such changes will be promptly informed through our website www.sivectrum.com, e-mail, phone, or any other means of communication determined by VECTRUM.


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Sunday 8. Today's Exchange Rate is $18.8607
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I.T. Tips
  • Backup and Restore
    Information is avaluable resource given by the information sistems.

    The backup of information is a very important process that most be done by everyone inside an organization. Having a backup allows the users to restore sistems to a given point when failures are caused by a virus, technical failures or accidents.
  • Wifi Security

    A vulnerable and common area to receive attacks is the Wifi signal.

    Make sure your firewall is up and working as well as maintain your wireless signal well protected, WPA-PSK / WPA2.
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  • What is an Antivirus?
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    Usually antivirus scan for virus activities in real time and they perform periodic a check ups, this can be modified according to user standards, to search, detect, eliminate or to put in quarantine the viruses.
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